Kebabs, tsatziki and chips of Cyprus prove too much for many Britons. Picture: Steve Lawrence

Choosing where to spend a precious summer holiday is a fraught process for most families.

But research might make it a bit easier – by naming the destinations that make you put on the most weight.

It found that the kebabs, tsatziki and chips of Cyprus prove too much for many Britons.

On a typical ten-day break an adult would add 3.3lb to their waists, whether in the Greek or Turkish parts of the Mediterranean island.

Turkey came a close second – with holidaymakers putting on 3lb during their stay there – while Portugal was third with 2.9lb.

The survey placed much of the blame on the all you can eat hotel buffet, which Britons cited as the chief reason for filling out.

The United States, which is known for huge portions of fast food and a growing obesity crisis, was in fourth place.

In the survey for travel firm Thomas Cook, one in five people said putting on weight had spoilt their break.

Large numbers said food abroad was cheaper and better than back at home, making them want to eat out too often.

In France, which came seventh in the poll, “high quality food”, was said to be the main reason for coming home heavier.

Half of the holidaymakers admitted drinking more alcohol than they would have at home.

Women were much less affected by excess, gaining just 1.5lb on average compared with a hefty 5.5lb for men.

Those who stayed at home to holiday in the UK did not escape without some “extra baggage”. They put on half a pound, according to the survey of 350 holidaymakers. A remarkable one in five claimed to have lost weight while on holiday. Extra exercise was the explanation in 74 percent of cases.

Fifty-five percent cited hot weather for slimming down, while 38 percent attributed their success to healthy local food and 16 percent to the need to fit into beachwear.

Others said that atrocious or over-priced meals had helped them reduce their intake.

For the women who slimmed down the average weight loss was 2.2lb, while for men it was 7.2lb.

The three countries where people reported losing weight were Ireland, Canada and Germany – none of which is known for sunshine or great food.

Exercise – strolling the streets of Dublin or hiking in the Rockies or in the Black Forest – was cited by respondents as the reason for their weight loss.

Belgium, the land of chocolate, waffles and chips came in at a surprisingly low number ten on the list. Those who stayed there mainly blamed the country’s famous beers for the fact they had bulked up. - Daily Mail