Cambodia has been in the spotlight recently for reasons old and new.

Johannesburg - When it comes to knowing what's on the radar for travellers looking for a new and culturally adventurous trip, the experts have their fingers firmly on the global pulse.

Here they identify the top five destinations for travellers in 2017, based on G Adventures' sales trends and world events.



It’s a year of celebration for the Great White North, with the 150th anniversary of Confederation taking place, and the country opening up its national parks free of charge for the year. Canada's profile has been raised by the recent visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and its charismatic prime minister Justin Trudeau, who recently appeared shirtless on a family hike in Quebec's Gatineau Park.



The all new for 2017 National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures Canadian Polar Bear Experience is six days long and priced from R79 739pp.



Travellers are starting to return to Egypt , but numbers aren't yet what they were pre-revolution, so it's a great time to visit to see some of the world's most historic monuments. Egyptair reinstated its flights to Luxor this month, and G Adventures CEO (chief experience officer) Sem Sem Saied just won the Gold prize at the Wanderlust World Guide Awards.



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A 14-day Highlights of Egypt trip is priced from R21 259pp.



The country is experiencing a comeback from recent years of diplomatic and financial isolation, with foreign investment helping improve infrastructure. In late 2015, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the International Trade Centre partnered with Madagascar's Ministry of Tourism on a four-year project aimed to increase sustainable tourism and boost economic growth in Madagascar. G Adventures has launched a new trip for 2017, the Baobab and Tsingy Explorer. An eight-day trip is priced from R21 259pp.





Cambodia has been in the spotlight recently for reasons old and new. 2016 saw the well-publicised discovery of an ancient city below Angkor Wat. There have also been on-set pictures circulating of the film version First They Killed My Father, a biography about the Cambodian genocide. This will be released as a Netflix Original at the end of 2016, is directed by Angelina Jolie and has been cast entirely with local talent. A nine-day Cambodia Experience trip is priced from R11 959pp.

Adapted from a press release for IOL