Packing the right food is essential during long or short road trips. Picture: Pexels.
Packing the right food is essential during long or short road trips. Picture: Pexels.

How not to get hangry during your next road trip

By Staff reporter Time of article published Dec 20, 2019

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The festive season is the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be honest, it does also bring with it many stresses, one of them being a road trip. 

To make sure that no one gets hangry, travellers need to ensure that they stock up on the correct food and beverage options. 
Greig Jansen, founder and CEO of the Pura Beverage Company said the last thing anyone wants is to have their fellow passengers, mainly children, throwing tantrums due to hunger. 

“It is essential that you consider the car treats and padkos you pack," he said. 

Here are five tips to make sure that everyone is happy rather than hangry: 

Pump up the protein

The ultimate aim is to satisfy hunger and keep those bellies fuller for longer, and protein is the best way to achieve this. Make it interesting by packing a variety of protein-rich options, so that they can pick and choose what they’d like to munch on. Great options include bite-size pieces of cheese, hard-boiled eggs and meatballs.  

Get mixing

Before you set off on your trip, let your fellow travellers feel part of the preparation process by allowing them to create and pack their own trail mix. Provide them with high fibre and low sugar options like granola, nuts and dried fruit – and let them get creative with the packaging. This is fun for young travellers. 

Stay hydrated 

Ensure that everyone is hydrated throughout your trip by packing surplus water. Ensure each family member gets their own water bottle and keep a backup bottle or two in the boot. As a treat, consider packing in a low sugar soda alternative. It’s a tasty option that won’t have them going on a sugar high. 

Make it pop

High in fibre and low in calories, popcorn is a no-brainer for road trips. Easy to pack and versatile when it comes to flavouring, this whole grain will keep your monsters happily munching for ages. 

Focus on fruit

Cure any sweet cravings the natural way by packing a variety of delicious fruit options. Make it fun by adding in some frozen grapes and limit mess by slicing fruit into bite sizes. Load up on berries for their antioxidant benefits and perfect nibble shapes. 

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