Working remotely needs to be planned correctly. Picture: Supplied
Working remotely needs to be planned correctly. Picture: Supplied

How to become a savvy digital nomad in 3 easy steps

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Aug 13, 2019

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Working at a remote location somewhere exotic sounds tempting, but it could be your downfall if not planned correctly. KLM Airlines shares some tips: 

Gear up

A digital nomad has to have the right mobile tools for the job.Some of these tools include a lightweight laptop and a smart bag to carry it in. Nobody wants to lug a 17” behemoth laptop through an airport with a bag strap that cuts into their neck. It has to be thin, light and smart. There are plenty of laptop options out there that make life a breeze for "working on the road". 

Staying connected is vital, and free wi-fi hotspots are often just too much of a security risk. A portable hotspot with a local data SIM card can be a lifesaver, whether you’re on a conference call, checking in for your next flight on the go or updating a presentation for your team. Make sure that your laptop is charged and carry a power bank to keep your phone and other digital devices online. And carry along a travel multi-plug. 

Balance work and play

While it sounds great to be in a new destination - you are also there to work. Creating a schedule can help balance your play and work times. This allows digital nomads the opportunity to explore while still having time to finish all their work duties. 

Travellers should make sure their accommodation or working environment has touches that make you feel at home and a place for rest so that you function at your best. 

Tame time zones

Operating remotely in a different time zone only works against you if you haven’t planned for it. If there is a difference between your online hours and your colleagues back home, plan meetings and calls at a mutually convenient time. 

If you’re travelling somewhere where you’ll be ahead of your colleagues, start work earlier. It’ll also give you more time during your day for meetings in your location and time to explore.You also have a different commute, travel delays if you’re heading to different locations and factor check-in / check-out times and transfers. 

While you can probably catch up on some emails in an Uber to the airport, you don’t want to have to juggle a call while you’re checking out of your hotel or standing in a queue to board a flight. 

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