You can maximise your leave days using South African public holidays. Picture: Pexels.

Thanks to South African public holidays, you can enjoy more days off without wasting your annual leave. 

That’s if your boss approves. With life’s stresses, a holiday is something everyone yearns for. As not many leave days are at your disposal, booking that break is harder than you expect. We have compiled a list of how you can stretch your days off without cutting much off your annual leave. 


Long Heritage Weekend

When: From September 21 to 24. 

How: You can get a long Heritage weekend for a day’s leave. Heritage Day falls on Tuesday, September 24. If you take Monday, September 23 off you will enjoy a 4-day break. 

Festive break 

When: December 14 to January 1

How: If you are planning a big family holiday, the best time to take it is during the upcoming Christmas break. 

During this period, South African receive four public holidays: Day of Reconciliation (December 16), Christmas Day (December 25), Boxing Day (December 26) and New Years Day (January 1) For a 19 day break, travellers can apply for 10 days of leave. Start your leave from December 17 and end it on December 31.


Easter break 

When: April 10 to April 17

How: Easter weekend falls in April- and you can easily get a week-long break. You will receive a 10-day break using only four days of leave.  

Freedom Day x Workers Day break 

When: April 27 to May 3. 

How: If you are unable to take the Easter break, the Public Holiday Gods offer you another chance to take a holiday. 

You can enjoy a nine-day holiday by taking three days of annual leave. You could plan a trip to an exotic island in Africa or go on a road trip within South Africa. 

Youth Day long weekend 

When: June 13 to 16.

How: Youth Day (June 16) falls on a Tuesday. If you take Monday, June 15, off you will enjoy a 4- day break. The perfect opportunity to recuperate before you start the second half of the year. 

Long Heritage weekend

When: From September 24 to 27. 

How: You can get a long Heritage weekend for a day’s leave. Heritage Day falls on Thursday, September 24. If you take Friday, September 25 off you will enjoy a 4-day break. 

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