Travellers need to factor in additional time for screening at the airport. Picture: Pixabay.
Travellers need to factor in additional time for screening at the airport. Picture: Pixabay.

How to maximise productivity while on the road

By Travel Reporter Time of article published May 1, 2021

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As business travel begins to recover, more and more travellers are hitting the road.

For a smooth, successful and worthwhile trip, the general manager of Corporate Traveller, Oz Desai, shares five ways to maximise productivity while on the road.

Ditch the red-eye flight

Getting up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight has never been the best recipe for productivity. In times of Covid, travellers need to factor in additional time for screening at the airport.

This makes the red-eye a complete no-go. Instead, opt for a flight on the day before the meeting. It allows you to work from your hotel or rest before the meeting. The more energised you are, the more productive you will be.

Pack light

You’ll feel much more productive (and energised) if you are not weighed down with heavy suitcases and unnecessary baggage. Pack the bare minimum. Ensure essentials like your cellphone, ID, hand sanitiser and spare masks are easily accessible.

A carry-on bag with handy zipped compartments is your best friend. Make sure it can accommodate a change of clothes, laptop, chargers and all your travel documents to prevent fumbling and faffing at security or the boarding gates.

Make the right accommodation decision

A hotel can make or break your trip. Finding the right hotel to meet your needs close to your meeting venue can be a challenge.

Factors to consider include the distance from the airport and/or your meeting venues. wi-fi, working space and safe, vetted dining options.

Embrace tech

There are plenty of apps available that can enhance your trip. Check out traveller favourites like AroundMe, Mynd Calendar, and iTranslate. Other useful apps include TripIt, GateGuru and Hotel Tonight. Download Zoom or Teams onto your mobile device, so you can join meetings with your team while on the go.

Plan ahead

A productive trip comes down to solid planning and accurate information. Today’s traveller needs to deal with Covid protocols and a destination’s rules and regulations on arrival. It’s vital to plan in terms of Covid testing requirements if you’re travelling regionally or internationally, and to give yourself enough time at the airport.

You should work with a travel management company to ensure you book the best flights and fares, you know what to expect in terms of up-to-the-minute regulations and restrictions and all the necessary Covid testing, quarantine or other Covid protocols.

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