It is summer in Russia so travellers need to dress the part. Picture: Pexels.
It is summer in Russia so travellers need to dress the part. Picture: Pexels.

How to pack for your summer Russian adventure

By CLINTON MOODLEY Time of article published Jul 4, 2018

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It is summer in Russia, and amid all the FIFA World Cup frenzy, travellers are taking in the culture, cuisine and learning about the locals.  Russia can get quite hot, especially in Moscow, so knowing what to pack is essential.

Here is a list of items we recommend:

For women:

A summer dress is exactly what females need to beat the heat. Picture: Pexels.

Summer dresses: Whether you taking a scroll to one of their cafes or tourist attractions, a dress is always a good choice. Not only will it keep you cool in the Russian heat, it is easy to pair with something warmer when it gets chilly at night.

Bikinis: Always have a bikini packed if you want to visit a beach or for those lazy pool days.

A good moisturiser: While summer conjures up images of cocktails and sunbathing, it could impact the skin. Always try to moisturise, whether its a little sun lotion or your tried and trusted cream. You will thank yourself later.

For men

A good pair of jeans is always a good choice. Picture: Pexels.

Jeans: A good pair of jeans is essential. The versatility of jeans is phenomenal. One can literally mix and match it with any outfit. You will never go wrong with a classic denim or black pair.

T-shirts: T-shirts are one item of clothing that you can never have too much of. It comes in handy when there are accidental spillages. Try to pack a few extra t-shirts if space in your luggage permits.

Shorts: Pack two or three shorts that can be used more than once. This comes in handy for beach days and sightseeing.

For both sexes:

Remember to apply some sunscreen. Picture: Pexels.

Something elegant: Ever planned an impromptu trip to a classy venue, but was turned away because you went with your sandals and shorts? Try to pack something formal in your luggage for those extra special moments. Russia is home to some of the most special landmarks and restaurants.

Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the sun by applying a little sunscreen before you step outside. A little goes a long way!

Good pair of shoes or sandals: Whether its a bag solely for shoes or just a few pairs, having the right pair of shoes is essential for any holiday. Pack a pair of sandals, a good pair of running shoes, a formal pair and sneakers for good measure.

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