If you haven't planned anything for Valentine's Day, why not take your loved one for a weekend retreat instead? Picture: Pexels.

With the hustle and bustle of a fast paced life, planning a romantic break in the middle of the week can a challenge.

As Valentine's Day was on a weekday, many couples were not able to plan a special getaway. Juggling work, family and other commitments can take its toll.

But thanks to a number of weekend spots close to home, couples can plan that impromptu mini break that will allow them some romance and time to explore a different environment.

Here's some tips on how to plan a romantic weekend retreat:

Pick a place

You do not have to travel far to experience a holiday. Find places close to home that you can take your loved one. Find places that are secluded and allowfor relaxation. It could be a few hours drive or right in the city, as long as you get to spend it with them.

Plan an itinerary

People automatically assume that a holiday will cost a fortune, but that is not the case if you plan smartly. A simple picnic at the park or watching the sunset at a secluded beach is just as fun and romantic.

Do something unusual

Couples should do something they have never done before. Plan activities that you both will enjoy. Whether it’s bungee jumping, a hike up Table Mountain or a township experience, these unusual experiences is exactly what is needed to create new memories.

Keep it a surprise

Do not tell your other half where you plan to take them. Let them guess and drop clues throughout the journey.