Twitter users share their favourite money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.
Twitter users share their favourite money-saving tips. Picture: Pexels.

How to save money on your travels

By Staff Reporter Time of article published May 31, 2019

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Saving money on your travels is everyone’s dream. There is no better feeling knowing that you have saved up a few bucks on your travels. 

Sarah Schlichter, the senior editor at Smarter Travel, took to Twitter to ask: “What's your favourite way to save money on travel?”
The post on the social media platform gave Twitter users a chance to share their travel saving tips.

 Mohammed Sikander‏ said he likes to book in advance. He said travellers should choose weekends as it was a better time to travel. 
He also recommends booking midnight flights, shopping at the local grocery store and using public transportation. 

 Rease Kirchner‏ packs her own food that she takes to the airport or on flights. 
Erick del Castillo‏ embraces the live like a local phenomenon. Castillo befriends the locals, who have insider knowledge about the cool, less touristy attractions. 

 For those who want to save on accommodation, Carolyn CB suggests staying in a family room at a youth hostel. 
“Buzzy, a great way to meet people, space to cook and cheap buffet evening meals in some countries,” she tweeted. (sic). 
For Theresa Christine‏, she tries to reduce the flight and lodging fees. She uses apps like Secret Flying, Skyscanner and The Flight Deal and compares prices between hotels, hostels, and homeshares. 

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