London Luton Airport shares some tips for travellers over the festive season period. Picture: Pexels.

The best way to begin a well-earned holiday is by experiencing a smooth and pleasant journey, totally free of obstacles. But, just getting through the airport can be a tricky and harrowing business these days, so just showing up and hoping for the best won’t cut it. From last-minute bookings to busy airports and long security queues, the hours before your flight can sometimes be quite stressful. 

With a little planning and proper preparation, there are many ways to get through the airport fast, such as choosing a quieter travelling time, booking your flights earlier to avoid high prices, preparing for security in advance or fast-tracking your airport experience with a priority lane service. For a truly stress-free journey, why not book yourself into an Executive Lounge so you can get away from the crowds and relax with a free drink or two? Even the smallest of tasks, such as booking your airport parking in advance or using lighter luggage solutions can lead to a more serene journey to your destination.

Gentle reminders like book your flights early for the cheapest deals are important. For instance, it's best to avoid flying over a seven-night block of time. If you book flights over a period of six or eight nights instead, "you've got a better chance of scoring a lower fare,". (Also worth noting: If you're flying domestic, the cheapest days to travel are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. For international flights, weekdays are typically cheaper, although it depends on the exact route.)  When you’re actually at the airport, make sure you’re prepared for a hassle-free journey. Going through airport security isn’t really a pleasant experience for anyone, but it’s a lot easier for some than others:
If you’re trying to rush through the line, don’t just look at line length—look for the scanners that seem to be filled with people who appear to be frequent travellers, like businesspeople. 

Avoid any lines filled with people who will undoubtedly take a while, like families with young children. No-one wants to be that traveller; juggling a hairdryer, laptop, and sunscreen as they kick off their shoes. Make sure your liquids are packed together and easily accessible, so you can quickly transfer them into a plastic bag before going through security. Once through, look to fast track your airport experience; we’ve all thrown an envious glance at the fast-track passengers as they sail by us in the boarding queue, but it turns out that you don’t actually need to be a big spender to cut the queue. Priority lanes these days are relatively reasonable, especially when you book in advance. Also, take advantage of the executive lounge, we often assume that airport lounges are reserved only for those with cash to burn - but paying to access one of these luxury lounges can end up saving you money. Once you’ve paid the admission fee, you can enjoy complimentary food and drink. Who knew that just being nice could gain you some VIP treatment? If you treat the airline staff, they’re likely to reciprocate, plus it’s always nice to be nice.