Mobilemoon is a travel trend to watch in 2020. Picture: Pexels
Mobilemoon is a travel trend to watch in 2020. Picture: Pexels

Mobilemoons: Would you make your cellphone your travel companion?

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Oct 25, 2019

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Contikimoons, baecations, babymoons and friendcations have all crept into the travel scene over recent years. 

But, mobilemoons seem to be a travel trend to watch in 2020. 

Essentially a form of solo travel - mobilemoons are described as “going on a trip with your cellphone as your only travel companion”.

Before you roll your eyes and claim it complete insanity, the person who came up with the idea surely knew how much people rely on their mobile devices when they travel. Whether it is searching the coolest spots in the area, navigating through the hustle and bustle of a destination using your mobile GPS or connecting with loved ones back home, the use of mobile devices is an essential part of travel. 

In fact, according to a recent Expedia survey, 33% of American travellers would rather take their cellphone on a trip than travel with a companion.

A spokesperson for Sharney Nel said mobilemoons helped solo travellers navigate through the challenging part of travel. 

“Mobilemoons enables you to connect with other people, whether it’s your friend at home or one of your Instagram followers looking at your trip as inspiration. It also serves as a great way to manage your travels,” said Nel. 

For those who think solo travellers will have their mobile devices “attached at the hip”, Nel said this is not the case. 

“People travel for different reasons. Some travel to build an Instagram following while others go in search of experiencing new cultures and locations. It does not mean that those travelling are on their phones 24/7,” she said. 

Like any holiday, Nel warns that people who choose to travel solo with their mobile devices need to take extra precaution when embarking on these journeys.

“It is important to ensure you are protected, but also that your belongings are kept safe, especially digital devices, since you are a lot more dependent on these while on your solo trip.

“Whether travelling for work, adventure or self-discovery, people generally carry expensive tech devices with them. Travelling alone does, however, pose many risks, especially when carrying costly digital devices,” she said. 

Nel said solo travellers should purchase travel insurance to protect them and their devices while on holiday. 

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