Hiking holidays are fun with the right essentials. Picture: Pixabay

If you are planning a hiking holiday and unsure of what you need to take along with you, Galeo Saintz, the co-founder of Rim of Africa, one of South Africa’s longest mountain traverses, shares what hikers need to take on their long journeys. 

The essentials include:

A pair of hiking boots

Picture: Pixabay.

If you are considering a hiking holiday, a pair of hiking boots is essential. Invest in a good quality hiking boot as the terrain is often off-path and uneven. 

A down jacket with at least 800 down filling: 

Picture: Pixabay.

While days are warm, the nights can get very cold, depending on your altitude. A down jacket offers durability, warmth and waterproof. Also, carry a fleece jacket. 

Sleeping bag

Picture: Pixabay.

After a long hike, you will need somewhere to rest your head. If you out in the middle of nowhere, chances of you getting a 5-star-hotel or any hotel for that matter is quite slim. Therefore, carrying a sleeping bag is an important item to get good shut-eye at night...and keep the bugs away! “Being cosy at night is great for recovery,” says Saintz. 

Lightweight cooking stove

Picture: Pixabay.

These stoves come in handy when you want to cook or brew a fresh cuppa in the morning. 

A kikoi

Picture: Amazon.

A kikoi is a traditional rectangle of woven cloth. Saintz says it comes in handy to use as a towel, for swimming or lying on after lunch. 

Rain pants

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Hiking is all fun and games until the weather decides to act up. Rain pants will help you stay dry in rainy weather. 


Picture: Pixabay.

 Besides being a perfect fashion accessory, a hat also guards you against the harsh rays of the sun. The last thing you want is sunburn.