Boyana jumps at the chance to travel.
Boyana jumps at the chance to travel.

PODCAST: Sho't Left Travel Week 2019 (part 4)

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Sep 27, 2019

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There’s only three more days left to grab that 50 percent off deals during Sho’t Left Travel Week 2019, which ends on Sunday.

Today, Lelo Boyana, a lifestyle and travel content creator, spoke about the benefits of this initiative.

Boyana jumps at the chance to travel. And she never misses an opportunity to do so. 

She shared: “I am just travel obsessed. Whenever I have a little bit of money in my account, I think about where I can go with this amount!”

“I actually have a 9 to 5 job in the human resources department at a financial institution,” she added. “When I am not working, I’m travelling or creating travel content. I also host a travel podcast called Chica Travel, where I interview different South Africans and talk about their travel experiences, their favourite places to go and share travel tips. 

"A lot of people ask me for travel recommendations on where to travel and I haven't explored South Africa as much as I would have loved to and there is so much to see, so I decided to build a platform where people don't have to tweet or inbox me questions, they can actually just go and listen to the podcast to see what information is there.”

Her travel adventures started on family trips as a child. It’s just heightened as an adult. 

Listen to the podcast here:

And this brings us to travel week and how it relates to her and what she does. 

She offered: “What excites me most about travel week is the fact that a lot of South Africans would complain about how expensive these hotels and lodges are and they ask, ‘Surely we should have prices for locals and prices for tourists’. Having travel week is great, especially for us (in the influencer space) because you have a place to send people to when they ask you these kinds of questions. 

"Even if you are not looking to book right now but you get to explore because we really don’t have a lot of places that showcase what available places there are in the country for you to go to.”

Where to next for her?

“There is a place called The Gorge in KZN that I want to go to. There is also another one in Rustenburg called Moledi Gorge, which I would love to experience. So those are on my bucket list for now but I am definitely going to ShotLeft to book.”

Look out for #TravelWeekSA and be sure to follow Sho’t Left on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find the best deals this week. You can also check out or

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