The Drakensberg is the ideal destination for adventurous fathers. Picture: Supplied.
The Drakensberg is the ideal destination for adventurous fathers. Picture: Supplied.

Post-Covid-19 travel: 4 delightful destinations to suit every type of father

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jun 21, 2020

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While you cannot gift your dear dad on a travel trip this Father's Day due to the travel restrictions brought by Covid-19, there are many destinations that your dad enjoy when travel is safe to do so. 

Here are some travel ideas based on the type of father you have: 

The fit dad
Fueled by pure strength, the fitness dad lives in sportswear. He’s already done the Comrades and is about to casually enter his next 20 km road race. He can typically be found squeaking takkie on the squash court, practising his swing on the golf course, or paddling out to sea in his surf ski at 6 am. If this sounds like your dad, snap up a travel later holiday filled with “dad-renaline”-pumping outdoor activities.
His ideal getaway: The Drakensberg, KZN

The Drakensberg is a great option, with its back-to-nature atmosphere, incredible mountain trails, and warm hospitality. Hike to your heart’s content, and if your father's a 4x4 fanatic, he’ll love taking on Sani Pass along the border of Lesotho.  
The slops-and-surf dad

In summer he dons his slops, and in winter he pairs them with socks. This dad is casual, easy to please, and typically loves the ocean. He can often be seen out on a mission in search of the perfect wave. If this type of dad sounds like yours, it’s likely he’s going to be happy in any destination that's close to the water, and where he has the freedom to explore on his own terms.  
His ideal getaway: South Coast, KZN

You can’t go wrong with the iconic South Coast. While mom sprawls out on the sand with a good book, dad can hit the water. Besides being a top surf location, fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving is the order of the day.  All he needs are a few t-shirts, a pair of board shorts and slops and he’ll be good to go. 
The TV and braai dad

Unlike the fit dad, this dad can often be found perched on his favourite couch while the shisa nyama simmers away on the braai. If not there, check the local watering hole, especially if the game is on. His idea of dressing up is pairing jeans with a clean rugby shirt (often with a belt). While it might be hard to get this dad out of his comfort zone, choosing the right destination can make it a lot easier.
His ideal getaway: Cedarberg, Western Cape

A smaller town is a good bet for this type of dad when domestic travel returns, with low-key accommodation where he can kick back in his Crocs. All he needs is a flat screen in every room and delicious buffet-style dinners or braai. A pool will be a bonus.
The down-to-business dad

This organised dad is probably a veteran jet setter, travelling mostly for business. He is easy to spot in his suit and tie, briefcase in one hand, device in the other. He either runs his own business or works in a corporate executive position. A leisurely travel holiday is precisely what this dad needs, and he'll love one somewhere that he can spend time with his family and not worry about any of the planning. 

His ideal getaway: Cape Town, Western Cape
A stay at or near the beach with all the top-notch amenities offers the ultimate relaxation for this down-to-business dad. Cape Town provides the ideal location. 

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