Cape Town - Heinrich Reisenhofer is an award-winning South African director, theatre personality and emerging film-maker known for stage productions such as Joe Barber, Suip! and Cry, the Beloved Country.

His extensive experience as an actor, dancer, choreographer and singer makes him a highly versatile, multigenre director able to draw remarkable performances from his performers.

He is the director of the outrageous comedy magazine show Men’s Issue with funny men Stuart Taylor and Kurt Schoonraad and hot-mouthed radio personality Nigel Pierce of GoodHope FM, now on at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town.


How widely have you travelled?

I travel through Europe frequently as I have family there from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

I’ve been to Australia, parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and Africa – Namibia, Ivory Coast and Morocco. And all around South Africa.

Where was your favourite holiday or time spent abroad?

My favourite holiday was in Langkawi, Malaysia, with two close friends and colleagues after a tough work experience in Australia. It was a real adventure.

Your worst experience on a holiday?

I was stuck in a package deal in Crete in an overpriced artificial seaside resort during the European Soccer Championship. We were swamped with Russian tourists who were often very sore losers. There was nothing Greek about the whole experience.

Your funniest experience?


Once I got stuck on one side of an airport somewhere in Asia during their construction phase and had to get a lift with ground crew on the runway area to the other side. The passengers were all pretty peeved that I delayed the flight. I did the walk of shame down the aisle to my seat which was all the way at the back. It’s funny in retrospect!

What do you avoid during a holiday?

I avoid any tourist traps and generic experiences – you might as well watch that on DStv. I also avoid any place that serves Nutella and crêpes. That’s a dead give-away that you are not going to have an authentic experience.

Best meal abroad?

There was a seafood restaurant in Singapore in Long Beach where you choose your fish while it’s still alive. The food was amazing, as was the gorgeous company.

Your favourite place to have sundowners on your travels?

The Greek island of Santorini was where I had my most magnificent sundowner watching the most amazing sunset.

What have you learnt from your travels?

Let go of any expectation and need to control your environment. It is such a huge world with so many people, each in different cultural and social paradigms. You can either get lost or just be with it.

Ideal travelling companion?

My ideal companion is someone adventurous who is willing to go with the flow, doesn’t complain, and who likes discovering the new and being surprised.


Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?


Greatest travel luxury?

Staying in a top-class apartment on the cliff-face of Santorini and waking up to those Greek church bells and the magnificent sunrise.

Holiday reading?

The best holiday reading depends on where you are. I read books about travel adventures such as The Beach, otherwise I am too busy taking pictures.

Favourite drive?

In a 4x4 through the Namibian landscape. It is a wonder of endless space, colours and land formations.

Dream trip?

Skiing and mountain trekking in the Austrian Alps with family.

As a seasoned traveller and flyer, can you share some tips?

Never stress. Everything has a way of working out, if you stay calm and talk to people. It’s good to learn as much of the language as you can before visiting another country. Make friends with the locals.

Where next?

New York, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Bali and eastern Europe.