General Manager of Garden Court Marine Parade Michelle Bregger is ready to welcome festive season travellers. Picture: Gcina Ndwalane.

General Manager of Garden Court Marine Parade Michelle Bregger stands at the entrance of the hotel, her eyes ever vigilant. 

A few meters away is a police box with an officer, as well as a few ununiformed cops parading the area.
For Bregger, the safety of her guest is of paramount importance as she wants them to enjoy their holiday more than having to worry about being victims of crimes.

This festive season the hotel has partnered with the Community Policing Forum and has beefed up security. The hotel industry intends on keeping it crime free. 

“Crime can happen to anyone, and it is quite easy for travellers to become victims during the peak seasons of travel. It is for that reason that hotels along the beachfront have prioritised the safety of their guests through a range of initiatives,” she says. 

Bregger shares some tips for travellers who will be staying at a beach hotel:

Guests should be aware of their surroundings: Remain vigilant at all times, whether they are on a tour, at the beach or inside a restaurant.

Do not flash your valuables:  Avoid flashing their belongings or cell phone in public. Pack only the important items.

Avoid peak days on the beachfront: Summer days means beach days. While it may seem fun to splash about in the ocean, the last thing someone wants is having their items snatched.  Pickpocket incidents happen during peak beach days. Therefore it is best to leave personal and extravagant belongings at the hotel.

Use secure parking at the hotel: Park at the hotel parking if you are driving. It is convenient and safe.

Ask the hotel for the safe areas and places to shop: Guests should inquire at their hotel about the safe areas to visit and about nearby shops. Some hotels, have convenient stores on the property.