SOARING: BlackByrd are causing a stir in the music world with their debut album.

Cape Town - Singing trio Tarryn Lamb, Samantha Heldsinger and Tamsyn Maker are in the band BlackByrd, a name inspired by The Beatles classic Blackbird. They have worked with Mike Fuller, who shaped the careers of PJ Powers and Steve Kekana. They released their debut album in October. Judging from the stir they’re causing in the music scene and at the rate they moving up the charts, these women are destined for stardom.

How far have you travelled?

Tarryn: I have been lucky enough to see the world through my music and this is one of the reasons I love my job. I’ve been to Germany, Seychelles, Dubai, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Italy.

Tamsyn: I have explored the most famous cities in south-east Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok. I love going to countries and experiencing their traditional cultures. It is exciting to see how other people live. I have also travelled to Malaysia, but their food is a bit too spicy for me. I really am looking forward to travelling to Bali, Thailand and the US.

Sam: I have travelled all over southern Africa to Namibia on the Orange River. I have been to New York and Florida in the US.

What’s your favourite overseas destination?

Tarryn: In Italy I visited Rome, Venice, Florence and one of my highlights was seeing Pompeii, which was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Tamsyn: Singapore and Hong Kong, they have beautiful and amazingly temples. It is very hot, but it was such a great experience exploring their culture.

Sam: Disney World in Florida. I love an adventure, it was good to feel like a child again and have fun.

Worst holiday experience?

Tarryn: When I went to Germany I forgot to check the weather forecast, so I packed loads of thermal clothing thinking it would be winter… Let’s just say it was the hottest summer ever.

Tamsyn: I vomited in a paper bag on a plane, and I forgot my camera on a bus after an entire trip.

Sam: I got the flu and I had to stay in bed for two days while everyone went out exploring.

Your funniest experience?

Tarryn: In Cologne, Germany, I never expected sunset to be at 11pm, so I was completely thrown when everybody was saying goodnight.

Sam: A ride called the Tower of Terror in Disney World was soooo scary but afterwards we laughed at each other’s reactions.

What do you avoid on holiday?

Tarryn: My cellphone.

Tamsyn: Getting really bad sunburn, I burn fast.

Sam: My cellphone. I try to avoid any work calls. I like to just relax and enjoy my time with the people I’m on holiday with.

Best meal abroad?

Tarryn: I had the most amazing veal at a restaurant in Venice.

Tamsyn: Where I’ve been, none. I don’t eat dogs.

Sam: I loved Burger King in America, I’m addicted to it. I can’t wait for one to open in Cape Town. Although I might have to do extra gym sessions.

Your favourite place for sundowners?

Tarryn: A restaurant at the Michaelangelo Steps in Florence, overlooking the town while enjoying a beautiful Tuscan sunset.

Tamsyn: I have not found a favourite outside Cape Town yet, but if I can see the ocean or a stunning view with great cocktails I’m happy.

Sam: I absolutely love the Oyster Box Hotel in Durban. Their Lighthouse Bar has the most incredible view of the ocean – perfect ambiance and great cocktails.

What have you learnt from your travels?

Tarryn: There’s no place like home and Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in this world.

Tamsyn: We are all ants in a huge world.

Sam: On a long flight take a sleeping tablet, it can make 11 hours seem like two hours.

Ideal travelling companion?

Tarryn: My partner.

Tamsyn: Boyfriend or best friend.

Sam: My fiancé, friends, family.

Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

Tamsyn: I love discovering cultures, but you can’t stop me from jumping out a plane.

Sam: Adrenalin junkie.

Greatest travel luxury?

Tamsyn: Amazing bedding in a five-star hotel.

Sam: Little chocolates or nougat on the bed in a hotel room.

Holiday reading?

Tamsyn: I don’t usually read on holidays.

Sam: I’m really not a reader, I am addicted to my iPad. So I load it with movies and TV series to keep me occupied.

Favourite drive?

Tamsyn: I don’t like driving, I get car sick. There are so a short trip over Kloof Nek where you are greeted by the entire Camps Bay and ocean.

Sam: Cape Town to Knysna along the coast. So many little places you can stop and check the view – it’s beautiful.

Dream trip?

Tamsyn: Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora.

Sam: I would love to do a tour of Europe and Thailand to do some shopping.

Travel tips?

Tamsyn: Take your time when you pack so that you don’t forget to pack your bikini. It’s not cool to swim in a T-shirt and shorts.

Sam: Don’t stand in a queue when they say your plane is boarding. They not going to leave without you. Rather sit, relax and wait until you can just stroll on to the plane. - Weekend Argus