Three of the cheapest cities to visit this Valentine's Day for entertainment

By IOL Supplied Time of article published Feb 7, 2019

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As Valentine's Day falls near the end of the week in 2019, it's the perfect opportunity to surprise and woo your partner with a long weekend abroad - a sure way to get the sparks flying. 

A new study by has revealed the cheapest cities to visit this Valentine's Day for entertainment. The study also highlights the prices you can expect to spend when it comes to tours, accommodation and meals in popular holiday destinations around the world.

These are the best cities for entertainment:

Manila: Manila places first as the cheapest city for entertainment as couples looking for a sightseeing adventure can expect to pay just £18.30 each to tour the town on unique bamboo bicycles.

Cairo: £30 in this Egyptian city is more than enough for a couple to relax with a few beers before adventuring around the city on one of Cairo’s top tours.

Buenos Aires: This Argentinian country is perfect for couples looking for a more relaxed break, as a bottle of wine and beer cost £2.99 and £2.94 respectively - perfect for him and her.

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