Travelling is fun, but it would be better with these cool items. Picture: Pixabay.

Hot on the heels of Africa’s Travel Indaba, one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar, Sacha van Niekerk shares the top five travel items for jet-setters.

Get your beauty sleep

When you’re hours into a journey, the urge to rest your head against the window of a moving train, bus or airplane and drift off to sleep is almost irresistible. Of course, if you have ever tried this, you’d know that is has the same appeal as sleeping against a broken washing machine.

The Ostrich Light Pillow is designed to enable users to sleep soundly whilst on the go. Filled with silent silicon coated micro-beads, it enhances sound reduction whilst remaining light-weight and stylish. The pillow is made to be worn over one's head, covering the eyes and ears simultaneously, blocking out sound and light and serving as a cushion, creating the ultimate napping environment. The pillows are currently available on

Glow on the go

We’ve all seen the pictures of celebs stepping off private jets looking practically red carpet ready. As an alternative to hiring a glam squad to follow you around, combat dry skin and freshen up by turning a long-haul flight into a mini spa. Of course, when you’re 25 000 feet above sea level, you may not have access to your entire beauty regimen. Sheet masks are face-shaped fabrics, made of a variety of materials, soaked in a nutrition packed serum. After use, there is no need to wash your face and the sheets can be thrown away. Sorbet’s Hydrating Face Mask is available at Clicks online or in store.

The perfect suitcase

For the smart traveller who enjoys having at-home luxuries at an arm’s length, The Bigger Carry-On suitcase is ideal. Available in a variety of cool colours, the bag comes equipped with interior compression system that enables you to make the most of the space inside, TSA-approved lock, removable laundry bag, built-in battery for charging your USB devices, as well as premium 360° wheels for a smooth, easy roll. Available at

Shades of cool

When you’re on the go, for business or for pleasure, sunglasses are a must have accessory. Apart from finishing off your look, hiding tired eyes and keeping hair out of the face, sunglasses have another amazing quality. Once the sunglasses go on, chatty passengers are kept at bay. In other words, glasses mean business. SA’s Queen B, Bonang Matheba is often seen travelling with sunnies, get a pair of flat top visor sunglasses at


There’s nothing trendy about being disorganised. Made of real smooth black leather, this sumptuous leather gift set houses a passport wallet and matching luggage tag, ensuring you always set off smartly.The sleek design with an eye-catching orange interior will perfectly compliment the aesthetic of minimalist jet-setter. Purchase yours at