Want to leave SA to explore a new country with financial perks? Teaching English may be your best bet

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jul 28, 2021

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For South Africans who want to experience a new destination but do not have the funds to buy a property, teaching English may be the best bet.

Once fully vaccinated, South Africans can take advantage of the high demand for English teachers internationally if they have the right qualifications.

Tom Gibbons, Director at The TEFL Academy, said over half a million South African teachers and education staff have received their Covid-19 vaccines, making them top candidates for schools that are actively recruiting new staff.

He said some destinations had lifted restrictions for vaccinated travellers to enter without having to face a two-week, unpaid quarantine in places like Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and Nepal, among others.

“Passionate, properly trained teachers are being welcomed with open arms in countries where schools have been unable to make new hires due to the pandemic. Those with teaching experience, either online or in person, have an added advantage when it comes to securing a job abroad," he said.

The same applies to those who are interested in getting a teaching certification.

“Those planning their next overseas adventure, who are still waiting for their vaccine, can take advantage of the relatively short period of study required to get certified. When studied full time, an accredited TEFL course can typically be completed within four to six weeks," he said.

"This gives you time to get your second vaccine shot, if needed, as well as research potential target countries and apply for jobs,” Gibbons said.

He said South Africans should note that English foreign language teachers typically sign on for year-long contracts. These are open for renewal when the contract comes to an end.

He said it provided teachers with job stability, an opportunity to remain overseas for an extended time, and ample time to revisit their other travel and teaching options.

“Moving overseas is notoriously costly and strenuous, which is why teaching English abroad has become such a popular choice for those wanting to secure working visas, permanent residence, and international work experience that will benefit their careers in the long term.

“ We’ve seen many traditional teachers opting to teach abroad, where they can immerse themselves in new cultures, travel, and build on their existing skills – without having to give up their passion for teaching,” Gibbons said.

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