Vanie Padayachee, the Executive Chef at Marigold Restaurant in Franschhoek shares her recipes for padkos. Picture: Supplied.

Road trips, whether a day trip or a weekend adventure, requires serious padkos - especially if the little ones are coming along.

However, padkos need not just be the ordinary sandwiches and store bought sausage rolls, it can be a little more exciting.

Vanie Padayachee, the Executive Chef at Marigold  Restaurant in Franschhoek, shared with Zakeeya Patel of Mela her favourite padkos ideas.

Patel shared her travelling experience and importance of padkos: “Padkos, in my family, is a huge thing. If we are travelling anywhere for longer than two hours, we have to pack for a war, famine and obviously a possible Armageddon,” she said, hinting that the family carries a lot of food in case of an emergency.

She added: “A simple picnic to Emmarentia often entails carrying around a biryani pot, a generator and a trailer, and I am not even joking…”

In the insert that aired on Sunday, October 28, Padayachee shared how padkos was a special part of travelling and a way for everyone to be energised for the upcoming trip.

She remembered trips with the family and how samosas, sandwiches and kachoris were a big part of padkos at the time.

During the insert, she shared her recipes for fried sardines, tandoori roti, atta chicken and masala aloo puri.