Travellers have different preferences when it comes to travel. Picture: Pexels.
Travellers have different preferences when it comes to travel. Picture: Pexels.

WATCH: The different types of tourists and how to deal with them

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jul 29, 2021

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Travellers have different preferences. Some love to relax, some love to spend their days exploring, and some love to sample the cuisine.

Digital creator Marta Sierra recently shared a fun Instagram video describing the types of tourists one would encounter.

We elaborate on them and share how you can deal with them.

The ones visiting everything

This type of tourist creates bumper itineraries and is always on the go. There is often no time to put their feet up as they want to savour every memory of the destination. While there is nothing wrong with this, people who travel with these types should communicate their feelings before the trip.

Tell them that you love to explore but that you also need time to unwind. You can opt out of some activities that do not tickle your fancy.

The overdressed tourists

These travellers dress to impress, with some of the most elegant and well thought of outfits for their trips. Of course, while they are exploring, they are on the search to find the best photograph locations to up their social media shots.

If you care about the journey more than your outfit choices, you may find these types of travellers annoying, especially if you are the one taking the snaps. If you find it overwhelming, pretend you found something interesting and venture off.

The foodies

These travellers appreciate the local cuisine, always trying to find delicious meals when they visit a new destination. Travelling with them may not be a wise idea if you are on a diet. However, if you love food, these travellers are your best companion.

The shopaholics

These travellers love retail therapy, hitting the malls and markets as soon as they arrive in a country. Some even take an empty suitcase to store their treasures. If you venture out with them, the chances are you will get no exploring done. Leave them to their own devices and catch up when it's time to do a “haul”.

The ones always falling in love

These travellers love holiday romances. They are vocal about meeting Mr/Mrs Right on a trip and won't mind abandoning you when they do. You should have plan B if this happens because no one wants to be a third wheel. If you share a room, make it clear that it is off-limits.

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