What hotel cleaners really get up to

By Daily Mail Time of article published Nov 14, 2014

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London - Rummaging through a suitcase and examining some newly delivered post… she couldn’t look more at home.

But while this woman may seem very interested in the belongings strewn around this hotel room, none of them are hers.

She is a hotel cleaner, who was caught on camera going through a guest’s things when she entered his room to change the sheets.

Vince Stravix decided to leave his laptop camera recording when he stepped out of his room at an unidentified American hotel. And after capturing what the cleaner got up to when she thought she was alone, he put the video on YouTube to warn others to keep their belongings stored away at hotels.

The video has already had more than one million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Saturday. Mr Stravix wrote on the website: “This happened on November 5, 2014. I was staying at a brand-named hotel and I kept all of my items laid out in my room. Not any more though…”

He added: “[I’m] making people aware that even in a hotel room someone could rifle through your things without you knowing, so password-protect everything you own and keep valuables locked up.”

The video begins innocuously enough – the woman enters the room, wanders into the bathroom, and collects dirty towels into a pile. But while carrying out her chores, she can’t seem to resist having a closer look around.

She picks up a package addressed to Mr Stravix, before moving on to touch his games console, a PS3, and the games with it. After looking through the suitcase, she turns to the laptop, with Mr Stravix claiming she tried to type something on the keyboard. Although he refused to name the hotel or location, he said he has sent the management all of his footage.

YouTube users criticised the incident as a gross invasion of privacy. Others pointed out the housekeeper cleaned the bathroom, then made the bed, while wearing the same pair of gloves. - Daily Mail

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