Shernel Krupanandham from Emirates loves her job as a flight attendant.
Shernel Krupanandham from Emirates loves her job as a flight attendant.

#WomensDay: Eat healthy, exercise well

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Aug 9, 2018

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Shernel Krupanandham from Emirates chats to Debashine Thangevelo about being a flight attendant and her plans for Women's Day:

How do you guys manage to look immaculate, especially on long-haul flights? We have plenty of rest, drink a lot of water, eat healthy and exercise well. Healthy mind, healthy lifestyle with lots of positivity. 

What is your greatest job satisfaction? Meeting new people from all parts of the world, learning more about the cultural background and experiencing the beautiful diversity on every single flight and layover. 

Can you share your top three fondest memories? Ticking my dream destination off my bucket list – Los Angeles will always have a special place in my heart, and Emirates helped me create this beautiful memory. When my best friend and I were able to spend a layover in my home country (South Africa) and I was happy to teach her and show her more about my country. Skydiving in Auckland on my birthday vacation. 

Debunk the misconceptions around your job. That we are immune to being jet-lagged, and that our lifestyle is easy. 

What’s a typical day in the life of a flight attendant? Waking up in Dubai and going to bed in New York, living the dream that every traveller has, exploring beautiful destinations is our day to-day job. 

As someone who spends a lot of time in the air, what are your packing tips? Roll it don’t fold it – that way you get to take more clothes rather than spend hours debating with yourself if you need it or not. 

What’s your must-have accessory on a flight? Rosewater facial spray, to keep my face hydrated when I use make-up. 

When travelling, as a regular person, how do you find the shoe being on the other foot, so to speak? It’s difficult not to want to attend to the sound of the call bell, or help your colleagues out whenever you see them, because Emirates has instilled the values of teamwork, so having to sit and not assist can be challenging at times. 

How will you be celebrate Women’s Day? By spoiling the beautiful women in my life who helped shape and mould me into the woman that I am today!

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