Tumi Voster at the Reunion Islands. Photo: Alexis Gillis

Radio personality Tumi Voster recently took a a shot'left to the Reunion Islands where she served slay on the daily. Today she shares with us her  travel essentials.These are some of the things she vows to never leave the house without. 

1. The Travel Buddy:

Tumi says: I always try to ensure that I have a travel buddy who can take great pics, that way I can capture my experiences and share it with my followers

2. The camera and selfie stick:

Tumi says: I do not travel anywhere without these two items.

3. Make up bag:

Tumi says: Of course make up and my make-up bag that can take me from day-time to night-time glam

4. An open mind

5. Statement fashion pieces: 

These are items such as Jewelery, sunglasses, bikinis and styled looks 

What are your travel essentials? Share your faves with us on @IOL_Lifestyle on Instagram.