WATCH: Victoria Falls is thriving, records highest flow

Picture: Leon Basson from Pixabay.

Picture: Leon Basson from Pixabay.

Published Apr 2, 2020


Victoria Falls isn’t running dry despite reports a few months ago that the world-famous attraction’s water levels were the lowest in over two decades. 

Victoria Falls, located on the Zambezi River, at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is the largest waterfall in the world, measuring 1 708 metres wide and 108 metres high.

According to Zambezi River Authority, flows at Victoria Falls have continued to increase steadily. 

In a statement on its website, it stated: “The Zambezi River flows monitored at Victoria Falls rose from 349 m3/s at the start of January 2020 to 3,890 m3/s recorded on March 27 2020. Last year on the same date the recorded flow was 800 m3/s. The flows are now Fifty-four percent (54 percent) above the recorded long-term average flow of 2,522 m3/s for this station.”

Instagram user Peter Frost shared a video of the falls this week, which shows steady growth. 

A post shared by Peter Frost(@peter.frost1) on Mar 31, 2020 at 3:55am PDT

Pablo Tinashe Chimusoro, a marketing executive from local tour operator Pamushana Africa, welcomed the positive news. 

“It brings excitement to my heart, especially with the risk of climate change, which is evident to all. The Falls flowing at their peak gives a breath of relief, and also could signify abundance for the community. The ecosystem around it will thrive, and tourists from all over the world will be treated to the remarkable volumes of water, which make the giant falls. It allows Mother Nature to operate at her finest,” he said. 

South African actor and presenter Maps Maponyane who visited the attraction last year also slammed the fake news about the falls being dry. 

He shared on Twitter: “The media has been reporting on how "dry" The Vic Falls/Mosi-Oa-Tunya are for the past couple weeks....and so I decided to go and see for myself and hopefully this puts an end to all of that.” (sic).

In a video, he described the current situation: “So they say that the Vic Falls is very dry, but I think you can see from me, it is definitely not dry. 

"It is always the most beautiful thing to come to, and I do not think I will ever stop coming back or stop being amazed by how incredible it is,” he said. 

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