With the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that brings back dinosaurs back to life, Airbnb is sharing some listings that have a prehistoric feel. All pictures: Supplied.

The arrival of the summer blockbuster season is making us dream of a getaway to connect with nature, and, maybe, even take us back to time when prehistoric reptiles roamed the land.

 With nearly 5 million homes available on Airbnb, you can easily plan a magical vacation surrounded by the most spectacular fauna and flora. Unfortunately, we at Airbnb can’t promise any velociraptors will cross your path, but you can expect a unique stay with incredible landscapes that are fit for even the most giant of dinosaurs.

Here are some listings that take you back to the Jurassic period available on Airbnb below:

 Find Zen in a Light-Filled Higgovale Treehouse 

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Stay in this magnificent modern home situated in the slopes of Table Mountain. Located in the middle of a forest glen, it is the perfect starting point for an adventure in Cape Town.

 Treehouse Blue Mountains 

Where: Bilpin, Australia

This isolated home offers its guests total disconnection, and the feeling that they are back in the Pangea era. Located between national parks and with unforgettable views, it is one of the most idyllic spots on the planet.

 Huge Treehouse in Jungle 

Where: Matapalo, Costa Rica

Located in the middle of the jungle, Jaguar Point is the perfect base for an adventure. With unique views of the ocean and the jungle, this house is in full contact with nature, surrounded by a great diversity of animals.

 Treehouse Canopy Room

Where: Permaculture Farm - Miami, FL

This home is an option for travelers who cannot be far from a big city. The Bahamas style bathroom is located just steps from the house and it boasts an outdoor shower.

 Itaipava Experience - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Feel at home in the jungle in this secluded treehouse escape just miles from a handful of miles away from the Volcanoes National Park. Find yourself lounging in the bamboo home and admiring the canopy of fauna and flora just off the private balcony.

 Domed Cave House in Catalunya 

Where: Tivenys, Spain

Located in the corner of an old terrace of olive trees, this cave house blends perfectly into the landscape. This place is ideal to rest in for a few days while getting to know a natural environment.

 Private Room in Treehouse

Where: San Diego, CA

Be one with nature in this private guesthouse with outdoor shower in San Diego. This home feels like a tropical oasis, but is just steps from the bay and San Diego Zoo if you decide you want to take a look at some four legged creatures during your visit!

Lovely Jungle View Villa 

Where: Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy your stay in Ubud from a modern and completely private house. You can rest from your spacious main room complete with modern kitchen. Find yourself dreaming in the living room with sprawling windows, revealing rare views of the jungle.