The Gion district in Kyoto in Japan has imposed a ban on tourists snapping images of geishas. Picture: Pixabay.

The Gion district in Kyoto in Japan is not taking the bad treatment of geishas by tourists likely. 

The Daily Mail reported that tourists could not capture photos of geishas on private roads and homes in historic Kyoto district following disturbing complaints of travellers allegedly "chasing them down the street" and tugging kimonos. 

Some tourists are believed to have entered private property without seeking permission and tried to capture pictures of the women. Those who do not abide by the rules will have to pay a fine of 10 000 yen (about R1 300). 

The ban is authorised by the Gion district in Kyoto in hopes to stop the bad treatment of geishas. 

According to NHK World Japan, there will be signs notifying tourists of the ban. They also revealed that leaflets will be handed out to highlight some rules when taking photos of geisha and maiko. The ban will help preserve Gion's traditional atmosphere, the publication reported. 

The area is famed for its stone pavements, a string of restaurants and tea houses. Travellers can snap photos of geishas in those spaces if they seek permission and not invade their privacy. 

CNN Travel reported that the ban is a way to educate travellers about Japanese etiquette.

The city of Kyoto released an English-language guide about how to behave while visiting their city in 2017 to educate travellers on what was acceptable and what wasn’t. 

For example, tourists could face a heavy penalty if they smoked in public or rode a bicycle while drunk.