Meet the SA expat who went viral for her ‘Confusing Things About Sydney’ video

SA YouTuber and TikTok rising star shares some travel wisdom. Picture: Instagram

SA YouTuber and TikTok rising star shares some travel wisdom. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 13, 2022


Asemahle “Mahle” Majola is a South African expat who recently resigned from her job in South Africa and moved to Sydney, Australia.

She’s gone viral for documenting and sharing some of her travel experiences, how she landed a job in a foreign land, including getting accustomed to her new life.

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According to Majola, her favourite city or travel destination in South Africa is Mpumalanga. She visited the province early this year, and it was an amazing experience.

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“I didn’t do much exploring but had time to think, reflect and prepared for this year’s goals and resolutions. It’s beautiful and peaceful for relaxing, meditation, praying and more,” she says.

She revealed that her plan is to go back for a more fun and adventurous trip as the province has such attractive activities. Sharing her favourite chill spots in Sydney, Majola revealed she loves Darling Harbour as it reminds her of the Cape Town Waterfront.

Majola is currently planning a trip to Melbourne in November to celebrate her birthday. She’s hoping to see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Circular Key.

Majola says: “I also found Art galleries in Central town to be amazing and there’s no charge to these most historic places”.

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When questioned on the travel bucket list, she revealed that she wants to visit Vietnam, Egypt and London, and it might be sooner than we think. Her biggest lesson or life hack on travelling is to be open-minded.

“When you are travelling to a different country for whatever reason, holiday or permanently, please know this be aware that no one owes you anything. To people, you’re just there for a moment when this is their life and their normalcy. You will not get there, and the world revolves around you,” says Majola.

She also says that you should be positive at all times, learn and be open- minded to cultural differences. “You have to adapt but that doesn’t mean changing yourself,” says Majola.

When it comes to home, she admits that she misses our local cuisine and TV shows. “I miss my family and oh I miss speaking IsiXhosa in between sentences, lol. I miss the people.”

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