WATCH: Woman upset to find her 24/7 food menu at holiday resort consisted of bottomless sandwiches

A woman was disappointed to find only sandwiches in her fridge at a holiday resort. Picture: Mike Jones/Pexels

A woman was disappointed to find only sandwiches in her fridge at a holiday resort. Picture: Mike Jones/Pexels

Published Dec 29, 2022


There’s truth behind the warning “read the fine print”.

TikTok user sudainee was taken aback when all she found to eat in her fridge at a resort were sandwiches.

According to her, the resort, Riu Reggae in Jamaica, promised guests food 24/7, but she says the options were not appetising.

The fridge in her suite at the resort was filled with lunch box-type sandwiches, labelled and wrapped.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a classic tuna sandwich, but some of us are trying to cut down on carbs.

Some users felt her pain and others thought she was ungrateful.

One person wrote: ‘’I don’t even know how RIU is still open I almost died from food poisoning there.’’

Another said: ‘’lmfaoooo that’s Riu for you. My agent literally tells all his clients to avoid riu.’’

There were others who didn’t mind eating bread every day for every meal.

“I actually would love that. I mean it’s better than nothing.”

Yes it is better than nothing but when you’re at a resort or hotel, you expect a little more then just that.

One user said: “I load up on those before we leave on the last day and take them to the airport with me so I don’t have to spend $50 on food there.”


I couldn’t believe my eyes

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However, it seems people have had different experiences at other RIU franchises, because another viewer commented:

“Wow I never had that experience and I ate all my food fresh at the buffet / restaurants in the RIU in Cabo Mexico.”

According to a Twisted Sifter report, a spokesperson had sent the online media site an email stating: “From our side, we can comment that the video focuses on just one of our fridges. In our Hotel RIU Reggae, we have two fridges with 4 types of sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers and condiments. There is also a dispenser with nachos, cheese sauce and popcorn.’’

‘’We also offer fresh pieces of fruit. During the night all of our restaurants close and we also reinforce our offering in the 24/7 with Jamaican patties and during the mornings with a showcase of assorted pastries.”

“We want to clarify that having a 24/7 food and drink offering means that we have at least one point in our hotel in which you can have food and drinks, even if it is at 4am and while all of our restaurants are closed. In all our locations we have similar offerings for the 24/7 but there are always differences. For example, different types of fruit or pastries.”

The moral of the story: Do your research before booking a stay at a hotel or resort so you know what to expect.