With an average of 351-million #travel posts each day, according to the Cruise Lines International Association, Instagram is pretty much considered the travel brochure of today, making the world of cruising visible to anyone with a smartphone and interest in travel. Picture: Pixabay.

Divan Viljoen, marketing campaign manager at Cruiseabout, speaks to influencers about cruising.

Marc McArthur, Head Mixologist on the M/S Norwegian Joy for Norwegian Cruise Line

Where are you currently? Alaska. Continuing on to Seattle, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria.

What cruises have you travelled on? Mostly the Caribbean. I’ve visited almost all the ports from Dover to Odessa in the Mediterranean.”

Tell us about your most recent cruise? The Norwegian Joy has just been re-positioned from China and has undergone a US$100-million dollar dry dock. The last cruise was a busy one for me, too, though. I did three Rum Masterclasses teaching guests how to make four rum-based cocktails, three Scotch Whisky tastings and three American Whiskey tastings.

Do you have a favourite cruise destination? Barcelona.

What do you love about cruising? Working on a cruise ship is like being in a university where everyone is getting paid and the scenery changes every day. The term is long though, at six to eight months, but with no grocery shopping, no rent, no dishes to do or dinners to cook (unless you’re a cook), life is pretty good. It’s a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Ultimate bucket list cruise? Alaska. It’s the most beautiful cruise you can do. 

Tips for first-time cruisers? Buy the beverage package. 

Tips for snapping that epic Instagram photo on a cruise?  Make sure the flash is on. Stay on the ship rather than stepping out at a port. Everything on board is a bit quieter and there are fewer obstructions. 

Kathryn Rossiter, blogger 

What cruises have you enjoyed? I have cruised twice, both times from Durban to Mozambique. On my first cruise, the destination was Portuguese Island, which I visited with my husband. My second cruise was to Pomene, and I took my mom along. I thoroughly enjoyed both cruise experiences as the destinations were beautiful and wonderful to explore. 

What do you love about cruising?It's such a relaxing way to travel. I appreciate only having to unpack once. I also love that there is always something to do onboard. There is also always the option of retreating to your room for a nap or to read. 

Ultimate bucket list cruise? A  cruise in Scandinavia, Russia or Alaska would be amazing to see the Northern Lights. 

Tips for snapping that epic Instagram photo on a cruise? Get up early! Cruises can be crowded, especially on the main decks, so for the best photos for your Insta feed, you'll want to wake up with the sun. Plus, watching the sunrise over the ocean is a memorable moment you don't want to miss!”