Mayor of Berlin's central Mitte district Stephan von Dassel has proposed drive-in sex booths at Tempelhof airport. Picture: CC-BY-SA-2.5, JOSE.D.

Tempelhof airport, one of Berlin’s most historic sites may have drive-in sex booths, that's if the mayor of Berlin's central Mitte district Stephan von Dassel gets his proposal approved. 

He proposed the installation of Verichtungsboxen booths at the old airport site where sex workers can safely meet clients. 

According to CNN Travel, the airport has some historical significance as it was once a Nazi airfield during World War II - the site of the Berlin airlift during the Cold War and emergency shelter for refugees fleeing Syria.

He revealed his reasoning in a statement titled "street mark, performance boxes and inhumane conditions in the Kurfürstendor".

He said Berlin and Rostock were “the only major German cities that do not have a restricted area.”

He said the Senate has rejected regulatory restrictions on street prostitution because it allegedly "feared a deterioration of the overall situation." 

He said:“The Senate-mandated Round Table on sex work calls for experimentation with performance boxes to shift public services out of sexual performance and to increase the safety of sex workers.

“The discussion that has begun in this context offers the opportunity to rethink the subject of sex work in public spaces and to formulate proposals that would improve the lives of both residents and sex workers and thus also be able to find a political majority in Berlin.” (sic) 

Dassel believes that publicly controlled performance boxes can improve working conditions, safety and reduce the negative impact of prostitution. 

About five years ago, Zurich implemented drive-in sex boxes. The series of wooden sheds were built as part of an initiative to regulate prostitution. The concept has thus far been deemed a success.