You can stay in Thessalon�ki, Greece or Bucharest, Romania for under R500 a night

Cape Town - South African holidaymakers who believe that the weak rand prices a holiday in Europe beyond their means, will be excited to learn just how reasonable accommodation can be with Airbnb’s affordable European city break destinations.

These make enjoying a holiday in Europe affordable, provided you can find reasonably priced air tickets.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is the most affordable city in Europe with accommodation at just $30 (about R400) per night – offering a lively arts and cultural scene at a price that won’t break the bank.

Ranking second, within a luxury city oasis in Belgrade, Serbia could be all yours for just $33 a night. Poland also offers great value, boasting three cities out of the top 25 – Warsaw, Kraków, Wroclaw, each with a typical nightly value of just $39.

Other cities such as Vilnius in Lithuania and Catania in Sicily offer a wealth of luxury lofts and roof terrace apartments for just $43 per night. Further afield, Athens in Greece and Bratislava in Slovakia feature in the ranking with a typical nightly price of just $44.

On the higher end, but still for as little as $45 per night; you could enjoy a stylish apartment in Zadar (Croatia), Riga (Latvia), Toulouse (France), Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Palermo (Sicily). Ranking last, Nantes in France serves as an alternative to Paris for those seeking their next French retreat, with a typical nightly price of just $47.

Nicola D’Elia, General Manager for MEA at Airbnb commented: “If you’re looking for a rand-friendly European adventure for the December holidays, our community offers some unique listings at affordable prices. What’s more, most of our hosts will gladly share insider tips with you about where you can find the best art, cuisine, nightlife and hidden gems in their cities.

“It’s this ability to discover new cities through the eyes of a local with an Airbnb host that makes the Airbnb travel experience truly unique.”

Adapted from a press release for IOL