With good planning, one can stay atop of what they want to do, see and indulge in while in Europe.

Europe is so big that it's impossible to see it in one visit, unless you spending a few months exploring its cities. 

It can also be expensive when travelling from South Africa, considering the rand-euro exchange rate(R15.45 to 1 Euro). However, with good planning, one can stay atop of what they want to do, see and indulge in while in Europe. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

Choose a destination

All that uncertainty is not good for you, choosing between Sweden or London or maybe Rome. To start of planning, remember to pick a place you want to go and stick with it. Sometimes you can wander into our cities or countries if time permits. Having a destination helps you narrow down one part of your Europe trip. As many destinations are different from the next, choosing one can help you understand the cultures and traditions before planning your trip.

Budget wise

Unless you have unlimited spending power, venturing into Europe will cost you. As mentioned before, the rand-euro exchange rate(R15.45 to 1 Euro) can affect how we travel and where. By drawing up a budget, one can see how much they want to spend and how much they still need to save. A budget will help you give a better glimpse at the types of places you would stay at and your dining options.

Look for specials then book the one that feels most right

There are certain parts of the year that will cost you less cheaper than going in peak times like April to June or September to October. Travel agencies often try to “get the best price” for travellers, but while some may look appealing, there are others that are cheaper and provide a better service. Once you find your fit, book immediately. There are also some agencies that allow you to pay a fee to secure your seek and you are allowed to pay the rest before 60 days before your trip.

Plan what you are going to do for the trip

Having an itinerary on what you want to do while in a particular Europe country helps provide  time to juggle tours, have afternoon naps, sip cocktails and party.  If you book with a tour, your itinerary is already sorted.

Know and follow the rules 

Each country has a different set of rules that need to be learned and followed. Try to brush up on these rules and learn some lingo before you leave.This helps to forge better relations with locals.