Picture: Jennifer Baer/Instagram
Picture: Jennifer Baer/Instagram

California graphic designer’s viral travel posters urge people to ‘stay the f* home’

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Apr 9, 2020

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California graphic designer Jennifer Baer and the fictional Coronavirus Tourism Bureau have a strong message for people during the lockdown: "Stay the f* home".

Baer created the series of posters, which is available online for a fee, to emphasise the growing Covid-19 outbreak and US government’s plea for people to stay at home to reduce the spread of the virus. 

While most travel posters lure people to exotic beaches, mountains and world-famous attractions, these witty posters promote a new destination: your home. Take a trip to your own bathroom, one reads. The poster shows a lady with a red dress and a sunhat in a tub. She holds a pair of toilet roll. 

“Visit your one own bathroom and admire your luxurious rolls of toilet paper,” Baer posted alongside the image on her Instagram page. 

The next image shows a man in a surfing position. The man appears to be in the outdoors at first glance, however, he is watching TV as he has a remote in his hands. It reads: “Surf your own couch.” 

The last one is rather quirky. It reads: “Visit your one house plant” with a lady holding a green plant.  

All end with “Issued by the Coronavirus Tourism Bureau Travel Poster. Stay the F* Home.” 

Baer told Buzzfeed.com: “As someone who travels frequently, I found myself dwelling on my own loss of freedom. It felt selfish, but the feeling was still real.

"My trips were being cancelled, and that was my new reality to process along with the rest of the world. I had to stop pouting. Imagining my alternate travel plans within the confines of my apartment just made me laugh." (sic)

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