The guys from the 'Hitched' series even went as far as making it to the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'. Picture: Instagram

Durban cousins Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall, along with filmmaker Donovan Orr, have finally made it to Los Angeles. 

The guys from the 'Hitched' series even went as far as making it to the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

The only thing left for the trio to do is to make it onto her show. They travelled over 27 000 kilometres from a warm South Africa to a rather chilly US, in the hopes of meeting the American comedian to share their compelling travel stories of the past last eight months. 

They are hoping that their hashtag #HeyEllen on social media would attract the attention of the comedian. Now that they've made it this far, it's up to the South African public to get them onto Ellen's famous couch by tagging her with the hashtag #HeyEllen.

The group are no strangers to hitchhiking. 

After completing university, MacDonald and Deall hitchhiked from Durban to Egypt with only R5 000. The word spread of their adventure and soon Tomfoolery TV, a South African film agency wanted to collaborate on a project. 

MacDonald says that after being turned down by a few filmmakers, they met Orr, who accompanied them on their journey from South Africa into the Congo Jungle to find the world’s last dinosaur Mokele-mbembe.

Their documentary, which saw them travel across 10 countries, aired on Discovery Africa. 

East Coast Radio DJ Jane Linley-Thomas has been keeping up to date with their adventures. Listen to their latest interview below: