Add in Space Center Houston, with Mission Control at its heart.

Question: Why do you recommended Houston as the top city in Texas?

I’m surprised you’d rank it above other cities, such as Austin, Dallas, San Antonio.

Rod Kennedy


Answer: In the week in which Singapore Airlines launched non-stop flights from Manchester to Houston, I indeed said that the largest metropolis in Texas (ahead of San Antonio, Dallas and Austin) is the state’s top city.

I’ve spent plenty of time in all four, and have found Houston has the greatest diversity and interest.

There’s astonishing art, most notably in the shape of the Rothko Chapel; terrific food and drink, with a strong Latin American flavour; and treats such as the JPMorgan Chase Tower, the tallest building in Texas, where you can visit the observation gallery on the 60th floor for free.

Add in Space Centre Houston, with Mission Control at its heart, and I believe Houston has no problem topping the list. My ranking of the other three, by the way, goes: 2. Austin, the handsome and human state capital. 3. San Antonio, with the Alamo at its historic core. 4. Dallas, which may have a soul but I’m darned if I can find it.