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Drake is an open book. 

That much has been clear since he burst onto the scene in 2009 with his star-making solo project, So Far Gone. And he's carried this theme onto his recently released 5th studio album, Scorpion.

Amoung the things we've learned about him through his music are some of his favourite restaurants, many of which are located in Toronto, Canada, his hometown. Judging on how many times he's mentioned the restaurant, Sotto Sotto appears to be Drake's favourite restaurant. 


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And, judging from his Instagram pics, Drake goes to Sotto Sotto quite often. On the Nothing Was The Same smash hit, Pound Cake ft. Jay-Z, Drake rapped: "After hours at Il Mulino, o r Sotto Sotto, just talking women and vino". 

When Nothing Was The Same dropped in 2013 Drake fans, myself included, immediately went on the net to figure out what drake was talking about. Research revealed that Drake and his friends frequent this h igh-class restaurants sipping wine (vino) and, of course, talking about women.