It’s Miami beach! Rich Mnisi activates holiday mode

Rich Mnisi. Picture: Instagram/@therichmnisi.

Rich Mnisi. Picture: Instagram/@therichmnisi.

Published Dec 6, 2022


While we are experiencing rain and unstable weather in South Africa, Rich Mnisi is living it up in Miami.

December is the holiday season when people travel a lot, and the designer is showing us how it’s done by wearing less and going out more.

He posted thirst trap pictures on his Instagram of himself at a Miami beach wearing an orange thong.

“I’m a girl on the go: I wake up in the morning brunch, meeting, tedtalk, next gig, next club, swim at the beach, flight to Dubai. I don’t know how I do it, but I do!” he wrote on Instagram.

During his stay in Florida, he got to hang out with Pharrell Williams, party with Naomi Campbell and show off his elite fashion sense.

His next stop is Dubai and we can’t wait to see what he’ll be up to there.

Mnisi is not just a designer, he’s a fashion icon who breaks boundaries and has no limitations with style. If he feels like wearing a mini skirt, he will do that, showing off his sexy long legs. He treats his body as a beautiful artwork, using it to showcase clothes.

His followers agree that he has impeccable style.

“Your style is just so dope Buddy … Content 👌🏽 so fricken proud of you,” commented @Bruceybld.

Below are more of our favourite Rich Mnisi sexy looks.

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