Screenshot: Airport catering cart malfunctions and nearly crashes into plane

There are emergencies you can prepare for and then there are random incidents like this one that you could never foresee.

A catering cart at Chicago O'Hare International Airport malfunctioned and it was a brave American Airlines woker that came to the rescue.

The cart was spinning out of control in circles and it took an employee in another vehicle to crash into it to bring it to a halt.

The cart came dangerously close to crashing into the nose of a nearby aircraft, but luckily that was avoided.

Speaking to CNN Dr Kevin Klauer, an osteopathic physician who uploaded the video to Twitter says: "At first it was humorous to see this drive itself and not fall over, but then as it picked up speed it presented a danger to people."

CNN also reports that "American Airlines said in a statement that preliminary reports showed the cart's accelerator got stuck and caused the cart to lose control".

The statement continues: "No American Airlines team members were injured and the incident resulted in one 10-minute flight delay... We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle."

It was relief that no one was injured and witnesses report that passengers stood by watching the drama unfold and they were helpless to do anything.

Stunned into silence they watched as the staffer crashed into the cart and it's contents tumbled on to the tarmac