Manilla Gee embarked on his first shark cage dive experience at the age of 5. Picture: Instagram/thebucketlistfamily.

Many people put shark cage diving on their bucket list later in life. This daring bucket list activity is not for the fainthearted. 

So when Manilla Gee embarked on his first shark cage dive experience at the age of five, many people were inspired. 

He and his family, consisting of dad Garrett, mom Jessica, sister Dorothy, and baby brother Calihan, travel the world ticking off items on their bucket list. While in Mexico, the family decided to swim with sharks. 

Known as the Bucket List Family, the famous 5 share the experience on their YouTube channel. 

The family started their adventures in 2015 when they decided to sell everything and journey around the world. It was a big risk, but it seems it all paid off in the end. 

During the Mexico adventure, both Dorothy and Manilla were thrilled to swim with the sharks. 

Their parents helped them put on their wet suits, goggles and mask before their adventure. 

The family then went into the cage to watch the sharks in their natural habitat.  

On the experience, Manilla said: “Sharks seem scary at first that's because of how they look on TV, because of their reputation. But, when you watch them, when you really watch them, they are beautiful, they are peaceful, they are nice. 

“The more we were in the water with the sharks, their natural habitat, the more we fell in love with them.”

The two loved their experience - and have since done many daring activities under the watchful eye of their parents.