Want to see a new place? Why not visit the vibrant Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Buenos Aires in Argentina is billed to be one of 2019 hottest destinations- and with good reason.

This cosmopolitan country is known for its vibrant and colourful side, definitely worth seeing.  

Known as being the birthplace of Maradona, Buenos Aires is one of those cities that offer travellers an immersive experience. From learning to tango (there are many tango clubs and bars at every corner) to marvelling at their street art- visitors will be bowled over immediately. Make sure you add the riverside town of Tigre, famous its river cruises the old fruit harbour called the Puerto de Frutos to your itinerary. This capital city is also known for its theatre. There are over 300 of them- and you are bound to find one that sets your soul on fire.

Foodies should try the asado or parrilla, a type of barbeque with ribeye, sirloin and chorizo.

An average 7-night package can start from R17 500 (3-star) to R29 000 (5-star).