The Black Jaguar - White Tiger foundation: a place to visit

By Mpho Rantao Time of article published Jul 31, 2018

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After successfully rescuing a black jaguar cub from being purchased by a pet store in 2013 (with the store’s aims to use the cub for profit), Mexican-born businessman Eduardo Serio created what is known today as The Black Jaguar - White Tiger foundation, a sanctuary for wildcats that were used in petting zoos and circuses. 

Serio created the foundation with the aims of “rescuing” the wild cats from horrible environments where the cats were not being taken care of properly, and after four years, the sanctuary has quickly become a hotspot for tourists and celebrities to get an intimate interaction with some of the wildlife. 
Founder of the foundation, Eduardo Serio. Picture: BJWT/Facebook
The foundation is located in on a 100-acre property near Mexico City, and posts regularly on its Instagram page of some of the activities that the wild cats get up to, as well as the visitors who come to take a look at the foundation. 

To date, the foundation is in the care of more than 300 hundred Big Felines and have rescued 200 other different species.
The Black Jaguar -White Tiger Foundation allows tourists to interact with the wild cats (either as cubs or adults) through feeding sessions, and also hold multiple live feeds from their social media accounts showing the activities that Serio and the wild cats partake in. 

If you ever travel to Mexico, the Black Jaguar - White Tiger foundation is probably a destination to add to your list of sites to check out in the Central American nation.


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