A performer dressed as a devil holds a stick spewing fireworks, during the traditional Correfoc (fire run) to mark the end of local festivities in Palma de Mallorca.

Madrid - Palma de Mallorca city on the Mediterranean tourism island of Mallorca is to be called simply Palma - again.

The Balearic island's regional parliament voted the name change, saying it was in keeping with the regional capital's history and that the “de Mallorca” tag was a left-over from Spain's centralist past.

Most residents call the city Palma and the name appears on road signs. But Palma de Mallorca is what greets tourists at the airport and is used by Spanish government offices and many maps.

It is the third name change in recent years and may not be the last.



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Socialists made it Palma in 2008 but the conservative Popular Party brought back Palma de Mallorca in 2012, and promises to do so again if it regains power.