The survey asked 8207 of VictoriaMilan female members from 20 countries where they most like to be whisked away to for erotic adventures based on previous experience.

Slipping away for secret sex while on vacation is the sport of unfaithful women – and doing it in a public place gives an extra adrenaline shot to an already steamy encounter. 

A recent study has revealed the top 10 places unfaithful women love to be whisked away to for a quick yet fulfilling shag.
The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating website for married and attached people looking to have an extra marital affair – asked 8207 of its active female members from 20 countries where they most like to be whisked away to for erotic adventures based on previous experience.

The key to a successful, semi-public sexual experience is making sure you and your lover are in a standing position, so if necessary you can make a quick getaway. Half the fun, according to the majority of unfaithful wives, is the possibility of getting caught. 

Wet and wild under the waterfall

The most intense and free sexual experience for the majority of women was having sex under a waterfall. Being surrounded by nature in a beautiful location with water pouring down intensely was the absolute ultimate experience for the majority of unfaithful women. 


Being seduced and sexed up on a balcony is a winner for most vixens on vacation. Opening the balcony doors to check the view is one of the first things most female holidaymakers do after checking into a hotel room. Having sex on the balcony is the second thing.

Substitute sex for dessert in the restaurant restroom

Maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s the company, maybe it’s the ambience of the restaurants but the third sexist spot to have holiday sex with your lover is by sneaking off to the restaurant restroom. Horny female holidaymakers said they will skip dessert if a secret session with their lover in the restroom is on the menu.

Take a private plunge in the pool

Sneaking into the swimming pool after-hours when the lifeguards are long gone and the lights are out has an adolescent feel, and conjures up the excitement and sexual charge of a teenager. Skinny dipping leads to obvious mischief and love making, just keep the splashing to a minimum.

Push her buttons in the elevator

Love in an elevator is not just an Aerosmith song, but has been an erotic reality for many sneaky spouses. Their hot tip: check for cameras before you start riding the…elevator.

Get steamy in the sauna

When a couple slip off the sauna and discover it’s empty, anything could happen. Cue towels slipping, hands wandering and slippery, sexy skin lead to making randy memories rather than relaxing. Vacationing vixens say this is the sixth best way to have forbidden sex while on holiday.

Have a little private time on the pier

A long, romantic walk to a pier can turn into a whole other thing after the beautiful sunset has disappeared and the stars start to twinkle. A couple standing alone on a pier is the perfect moment for a skirt to slide up and for x-rated adventures to begin.

Make history horny

Rambling through historic sights can get a little tiresome after a while, unless you’re scoping out places to get physical with your lover.

Castles, famous gardens and parks and other historic sights often keep their gates open to the public until late – particularly in the summer season, and the security guards are usually disinterested in lovers strolling hand in hand, with secret plans to make their own sexy new history within the grounds.

Get amorous in an alleyway

Taking a walking tour through a new city is a great way to explore the place however sexually charged couples will find their minds wandering as they spot deserted alleyways with rough cobblestones and stone walls, perfect for pushing their love interest up against. Don’t be surprised if you attend a walking tour in a European city and one by one, amorous couples disappear.

Island beds aren’t just for tanning and relaxing

Luxury resorts are furnished with beautiful island lounges that are a little too reminiscent of a king-sized bed. Being treated like royalty by hotel staff who will bring you whatever your heart desires can really get you in the mood. Take the liberty of closing the curtains and attending to your lover with a little, but not a lot, of privacy.

Founder and CEO for Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said chivalry plays a role in seducing a woman while she is on vacation.

“It’s up to the man to make his lover feel safe and protected, so she can shake off her inhibitions and be sexually free. He needs to gain her trust, keep a look-out at all times to ensure the sexual creativity he’s enticing her with doesn’t have any unwelcomed interruptions that might end their fling.

 “Semi-public sexual encounters are wild, steamy and will cement in a woman’s memory forever – men need to make sure these are positive and erotic experiences,” Mr Vedal said.