Will Smith posted a selfie at Taj Mahal on his Instagram page. Picture: Instagram/WillSmith.
Will Smith posted a selfie at Taj Mahal on his Instagram page. Picture: Instagram/WillSmith.

Truth or lies? These are the scathing reviews of the world's biggest attractions

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jan 7, 2020

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When people plan their trip, most opt for places with iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Taj Mahal in India. 

These places have been billed as some of the best in the world and have dominated many Instagram feeds over the years. 

However, some travellers were not impressed with some of these attractions and left scathing reviews on TripAdvisor. 

Here are a few: 

Taj Mahal, India

Everyone who visits India adds the Taj Mahal to their bucket list. For some, it was not what they expected it to be. 

Take TripAdvisor user Parag T claims it’s not "worth a penny.”

The user said: “Beautiful monument with a hell loads of annoying guides, street sellers and unwanted disturbances. On your way to the Taj itself, the locals become a nuisance and steal the peace of mind. 

“Nothing much to do but just see the monument and make cliché touristic pictures. It takes a lot of walking to explore the monument. The hygiene standards are very bad and it's best to not eat or drink anything around from outside shops and restaurants as the surrounding place stinks of urine,” the user added (sic). 

Another user named Gauri R called it a “terrible letdown.”

“My first negative review and sadly it had to be for this world famous "wonder of the world". What a terrible letdown this was. The review is not for the monument itself. The architecture of the Taj is absolutely breathtaking but everything else around is just so very horrible.

“The whole experience even before you see the Taj itself is so depressing and unpleasant. There are ten thousand better things to see and do in Incredible India.” (sic)

Eiffel Tower, Paris 

Scroll through Instagram and you will find thousands of images of the Eiffel Tower. Sadly, this attraction did not appeal to some travellers. 

User Kaushik was disappointed with the height. 

“The queue was longer than the height of the monument. Having often been to Dubai I found the towers there much more impressive,” Kaushik revealed. 

User NadimKobeissi called it a “Stupid tower”

He said: “Doesn't do anything. Just sits there. Lots of loud tourists. No steak. No cheese. Nothing. Just a big tower. I want a cool tower, not this tower.” (sic).

Disney World, Florida

Disney World in Orlando conjures happy memories, but one user named Barbara labelled it the “Unhappiest place on earth.”

She said: “First time there and albeit the busiest time of year still would rate worst family trip we have ever been on. We paid a fortune for a family of 4 and left very disappointed. There were even long lines to take pictures with Disney characters. I would suggest going to an amusement park closer to home. Disney definitely is robbing people of their money.”(sic). 

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

A “dump”; that’s what kpepe says about the Leaning Tower of Pisa experience. 

“Stayed 15 minutes! Just long enough for a photo! Street peddlers at every turn! Too bad they have no restrictions on street vendors! You can't walk more than 5 feet without being harassed! That being said the leaning tower is amazing to see!” (sic). 

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