The lobby of the Ultimo Hotel. Photo: Ultimo Website
A boutique hotel unlike any other, The Ultimo Hotel in Sydney Australia is curated around the theme of zodiac signs.  It's the first of it's kind, offering guests to the hotel various packages that are in line with their star sign. The hotel offers a number of Astro packages; the Star Charts packages (from $229 for per person and $265 for two people) includes accommodation for up to two guests with a personalised star chart on arrival, moon calendar and slippers; and The Off The Charts package (from $329 for per person and $469 for two people) includes accommodation for up to two people with a one-hour face-to-face astrology reading with the Stars Like You team, moon calendar and slippers.

Here's some of the other things that make staying at this hotel ideal:  

1. They offer tailor-made astrology packages

The hotel worked  with astrologer, Damian Rocks (to curate the hotel) who manages, an astrology website that provides horoscopes and consultations. Rocks also facilitates the process of helping the hotel put together the various packages that are available for the guests of the hotel. He studied at the Bath Spa University England, and holds a master's degree in cultural astrology and astronomy.  His emphasis is on astrology, health and well being. 

2. It's centrally located in Sydney 

It is located at the doorstep of Sydney, minutes away from the Darling Harbour, Star City Casi, the new ICC Sydney and the Town Hall Stations. Its also very close to Sydney's shopping centers and restaurants. A walk from the hotel to the central station is eight minutes long and the link between the Sydney airport and the central station is 13 minutes long. 

3.It's child friendly too 
You'd think that for a hotel that is so themed, it wouldn't exactly be suitable for young visitors. This is actually not the case. Children are also accomodated especially if you're looking to take the option of a family room that provides accommodation.

Will you book this hotel on your next visit to Sydney?