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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Jobs, jobs, jobs: 5 obscure, but high-paying, careers

Yes, acupuncture for animals is a thing. Picture: Pixabay

Yes, acupuncture for animals is a thing. Picture: Pixabay

Published Jun 24, 2022


When you think of high paying careers, the typical (medicine, engineering or information technology) comes to mind. But, there exists plenty of other less than traditional careers with well-paying salaries.

Here are five such high paying careers you may have not heard of before:

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Estimated salary per year: R1 178 538,80

Hippotherapy is a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy which sees a therapist use the characteristic movements of a horse to carefully provide graded motor and sensory input.

In simpler terms, this form of therapy uses the riding of horses to treat both adults and children.

Braille Proofreader

Estimated salary per year: R652 127,55

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Braille is a form of written language for blind people, in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.

Braille proofreaders are responsible for catching errors before books and scripts are printed. They help blind individuals get the accurate information they need.

Marijuana extractor

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Estimated salary per year: R781 442,20

With the laws around marijuana use becoming loosened around the world, all sorts of careers have been created in the medicinal or recreational industries.

A marijuana extractor is responsible for separating the oily, cannabinoid-rich trichomes found in dried cannabis.

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Veterinary acupuncturist

Estimated salary per year: R1 099 792,38

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine alternative medicine where thin needles are inserted into the body to heal ailments.

This alternative healing method is said to have extraordinary benefits, but you would not think to use it to treat sick pets and other animals.

As veterinary acupuncturist uses a non-surgical and non-drug approach to treat diseases.

Clinical ethicist

Estimated salary per year: R1 798 767,90

This professional offers advice and guidance to clinical staff, patients, and their families on the ethical, legal, and policy issues that may stem from interactions between health care practitioners and patients.

Essentially, clinical ethicists help doctors, patients and families make informed decisions.