7 overlooked but surprisingly well paying careers you should know about

These careers are far from conventional. Picture: Pixabay

These careers are far from conventional. Picture: Pixabay

Published Aug 10, 2022


Durban - Some people may choose to go off the beaten path when it comes to careers.

As a result, they get to reap the financial benefits of having specialised and unique skills.

Here are seven such unique careers:

Laughter therapist

Estimated salary: R857 641 a year

A specialised form of therapy called laughter therapy employs laughter strategies to ease both psychological and physical suffering.

Being a registered therapist is ideal in order to become a laughter therapist since it offers you a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the therapy.

Body part models

Estimated salary: R1 000 000

To model products like watches, hand creams, panty-hose, or shoes, body parts models are required. Being a body parts model can be a difficult but rewarding career path.

Feet, hands, and legs are those that are modelled the most. Eye and neck models may also be required in specific circumstances.

Piano teachers

Estimated salary: R900 000

Piano teachers instruct others on the piano using their expertise on the instrument, understanding of music theory, and interpersonal skills.

While some piano instructors run their own businesses and provide private lessons to both individuals and groups, others work as employees of public or private schools.

From young children and teenagers to adults and older citizens, piano teachers frequently work with pupils of all ages. Some instructors, nevertheless, focus on instructing novices or pupils at the highest academic level.


Estimated salary: R323 000 a year

A sommelier is someone who is very knowledgeable about wine. They are in charge of giving advice and making recommendations to clients based on their individual wine requirements, such as taste, food and wine combination, the event, or the budget.

Additionally, monitoring stock and choosing wines for drink lists fall under his or her purview.

According to the requirements of the establishment, he or she creates and maintains the wine list. By doing wine tastings, the sommelier is also in charge of providing instruction on wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Commercial divers

Estimated salary: R441 000 a year

A commercial diver performs recovery, clean-up, or search and rescue operations underwater. They examine and maintain diving equipment, including harnesses, gauges, air tanks, masks, and helmets.

They also observe dive lengths and depths and make sure the proper safety precautions are implemented.

Additionally, they examine and document the state of ships and underwater cables and pipelines using underwater cameras and other technology.


Estimated salary: R502 784 a year

Estimated salary: R502 784 a year

A deceased individual is often dressed, embalmed, and given cosmetic treatments before being placed in a casket by a mortician/undertaker.

Additionally, they assist with funeral preparations and offer extra services to living families.

Ethical hackers

Estimated salary: R416 000 a year

An ethical hacker, commonly referred to as a “white hat hacker”, is hired to legally access computers and networks in order to evaluate the general security of a business.

All the cyber-criminal skills are possessed by ethical hackers, but they apply their expertise to strengthen organisations rather than exploit and harm them.

Employing an ethical hacker helps firms identify their own security gaps, thereby defending them against future cyber-attacks.

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