Anatii reflects on his time working with AKA on ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’

Anatii and AKA. Picture: Instagram

Anatii and AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 23, 2023


Musician Anatii has penned a social media post to his late friend and collaborator award winning rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes after his death earlier this month.

“There will never be another Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes. Long live my brother Supa Mega. You were definitely a force to be reckoned with bro.

“We had many ups and downs and shared many beautiful moments together, some public and others very private,” he shared.

When musician Anatii stepped out onto the stage at AKA’s memorial service and began performing “Holy Mountain” from their 2017 collaborative album, the crowd went crazy.

The album “Be Careful What You Wish For” (“BCWYWF”), consists of many fan favourites such as “10 Fingers” and, as Anatii performed the songs, fans were visibly moved.

In his post Anatii shared with his followers that the making of “Be Careful What You Wish For” was a transformative period in their lives.

“When we worked on ‘BCWYWF’ it was a transformative period in both our lives, being able to harness the power of forgiveness and focusing on the bigger picture and path that God laid out for us.

“The pain caused by the abrupt and sad ending of your life struck a very sensitive chord and I have been questioning the validity and tangibility of life on earth and one’s purpose in this physical realm.”

The album came after the two after had a fallout which resulted in AKA accusing Anatii in his popular diss track “Composure” for trying to charge him a whopping R80 000 for the very same beat he was rapping on and claimed that his contribution was the reason “The Saga” was so popular.